I have read in a few places that lodash is the way to go (over underscore) when it comes to javascript collection manipulation libraries, but I hadn’t gotten around to changing it out on any of my applications using underscore until recently. I also had a conversation with one of the contributors to the excellent moment js library who told me that lodash is the way forward, and there are some posts out there on the internet that suggest this is the way to go.

Doing the upgrade, I did find there are a couple of functions that aren’t supported by lodash that are by underscore. The list I have found is below:

  • pluck (use map instead – it appears this was changed sometime in January with the release of 4.0: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35136306/what-happened-to-lodash-pluck)
  • any (use some instead – I had used any because it is operates much like the LINQ Any method)

I will add more here as I come across them.