Let’s Encrypt + Azure = Win!

Back in 2014, it was reported that several tech companies were jointly forming a non-profit with the goal of offering free encryption services (SSL certificates, tools, etc) for the entire internet. Fast forward to today (or earlier month, technically), and they have issued over 10 million certificates.

As someone who has purchased certificates for my organization, I could see how the cost would be prohibitive for people who just want to have a blog or a small site to purchase a certificate. It also hasn’t always been easy to configure.

I first heard about this project earlier this year and decided to implement it with an Azure site I had setup for a local organization I volunteer with. The configuration aspect did take a little bit to get setup, but so far, it has been really great.

One of the nice things about the Azure service is that they setup a WebJob to autorenew the certificate for you. The certificates are only issued with a 3-month lifespan, so renewal would get annoying if you had to constantly be rekeying the certificates.

I found this resource incredibly useful in assisting me with the setup and configuration of my certificate in Azure: https://gooroo.io/GoorooTHINK/Article/16420/Lets-Encrypt-Azure-Web-Apps-the-Free-and-Easy-Way/21872