var blog = {
    name: "",
    motivation: [
        "To share things I've learned with others",
        "To provide a resource for myself to use"
    description: "Code, Metal, and Whatever else I think of"

What motivates someone to start a blog? I’m sure there are many different reasons, but for me, it’s mainly two-fold:

  1. To share things I’ve learned with others
  2. To provide a resource for myself to use

I have come across countless blogs in the search for answers to my programming conundrums over the years, and I wouldn’t have found my answer (or at least not as quickly) if others hadn’t taken the time to document their solutions to issues they faced.

I would be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t also self-serving. I’ve read a lot of resources that have advocated for starting a blog, and it was John Z. Sonmez’ ( book Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual that made me decide that spending a couple of hours to buy a cheap domain and fire up a wordpress blog was worth it. The idea that everyond in our industry should market themselves and their services really resonated with me.

So, here we are. I hope there is something useful here if you’re reading this.